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Devising and Solo Performance

As a child, I would skip around my living room, conjuring up colorful images of worlds in which elements of the absurd felt natural and emotional vulnerability was admired. When I was cast in a Contemporary Theatre Major devised production of Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano (directed by David R. Gammons), I found my people. Collaborating with an ensemble of actors to produce something that was purely ours was life-changing. I realized that those worlds I imagined as a child COULD come to life! When I devise, I create worlds. I find beauty in the details and complexities of my characters. I write with a sense of gravitas and pull great inspiration from Greco-Roman epics, strong women throughout history and Shakespeare. I love to play (with my ensemble and the audience!) and the more absurd something is, the better!  


The Bald Soprano 

Directed by David R. Gammons


All My Pretty Ones

Directed by John Kuntz

Devising and Solo Performance Emphasis 2020

Based on Anne Sexton's Transformations and the Brothers Grimm

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